7 years girl 16.9 weight having Redness over the left eye since last night .. no itching .. no pain Sir please advise



Subconjuctival hemorrhage Nothing to do only icepacks It will resolve itself

Thanx dr Allu Rao

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S/c Hg Examine for the cause injury to Eye, extreme strain as coughing constipation etc, Look for Bt,Ct, prothrombin time , playlet count No Treatment is required will recover within 10 days

Subconjunctival hemorrhage post injury possibly. Look for bleeding diathesis if needed

Gross subconjuntival haemorrhage left eye Suspicion of haemophilia or purpura since there is no history of cough or injury

S/c hg rule out severe coughing , trauma ,& do Bt, ct platlet count , It will take 15 days to clear, no treatment required

Subconjunctival haemorrhage

sub conjunctivitis haemattoma

Subconjuctival haemorrhage

Tnx Dr Allu Roa

It's subconjunctival haemorrhage Start REFRESH eye drops 5 times /day Tab vitc 500mg OD REASSURANCE TO THE PARENTS THAT IT WILL RESOLVE IN 14 TO 20DAYS. REVIEW after 3 weeks

Subcojuctival hemorrhage, unrecognized trauma.

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