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Fnac of cervical lymph nodes swellings in a child

7 yr child c/o multiple discrete right lateral cervical swellings since 6_7 months.GC fair.CBC ,ESR ,PS comments, and FNAC were advised.CBC showed normocytic normochromic blood picture with normal WBC count.ESR 20 .cervical swellings size about 2.9×1.8 cm ,firm and mobile.Aspirate was hemorrhagic...H&E staining done.The picture is of reactive lymphadenitis but possibility of tuberculosis could not be ruled out.Advised clinical correlation, Mantoux test and CBNAAT


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Reactive lymphadenitis Nodal reactive cytology may be a manifesto of tb pathology. Sug. Genxpert tb.. fna material

Biopsy is ideal Before that Cbc ESR Mt Xray chest

RHLN... Picture 3 is suspicious for granuloma

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