7 yr male child brought with c/o itching on the trunk and on the legs since 5 days.. itching more at night.. no fever.. no similar complaints in the family .

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Multiple papulovesicular eczematised lesion on abdomen with history of night itch is in favour of Scabies. Rx Permethrin 5% cream as per guideline. Antihistaminic. Ivermectin as per guideline. Topical steroid antibiotic cream. Scabicide soap.

Scabies...undoubtedly@Dr. Venkat Reddy Trt fly free disinfect heat dry vaccum all belongings bedsheet pillow covers garments dresses AVOID playing in mud/sand cats/dogs...Adv.Personal hygiene... @Dr. L.m. Patel @Dr. Aniruddha Lele @Dr. P. G. Shah

Agree WD u sir

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No second thought SCABIES

Scabies RX gandhaka rasayanam bid. Pancha tikta ghrita guggulu one bid. Gammabenza hexachloride,pirimethrin combination soap for bath.


scabies permethrin lotion below neck for whole family at night repeat after 1 week permethrin soap for bath daily tab levocetrizine cetrizine 1hs maintain hygiene

@Dr. Venkat Reddy -scabies


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