70 year female swelling in front of neck (thyroid) change in voice since 10 days comment


Focal atypia in hurthle cell clusters noted, admixed with lymphocytes. Background appears dirty/ full of muck/ ? Organisms. No e/o malignancy in these smears examined/ studied. *Autoimmune Thyroiditis, possibly Hashimotos thyroiditis. Advised correlation with clinical presentation, radiology, hormonal assay and antibody titre studies. But in view of the symptom, change in voice, could be due to vocal cord palsy, involving recurrent laryngeal nerve in 2 ways, i.e : 1) Malignancy : Primary(Laryngeal ca), Secondary(Extension of thyroid malignancy) 2) Autoimmunity : Investigate for SLE, WG etc.

The smears show loosely scattered and clusters of follicular epithelial cells, amidst the dirty background. Multinucleated giant cells also seen, subacute granulomatous thyroiditis

Subacute thyroiditis

Lymphocytic thyroiditis

sub acute thyroiditis.

Hashimoto thyroiditis

follicular neoplasm

Follicular neoplasm

Sub acute thyroiditis