70 yr old male bedridden for last 1 month with spastic progressive quadriparesis with decreased sensation below c4.Diagnosis.Management?


C5-6 disc with compression of theca , the cord is compressed with myelomalacia Already developed quadriparesis. What about the bowel and bladder functions. If intact early surgery but in view of cord compression and myelomalacia the prognosis is unpredictable .

Myelomalacia secondary to chronic compression at C5-C6. Thorough neurocharting, emg-ncv to document, since progressive quadriparesis, warrants surgery in form of decompression.

Compressive myelopathy at c456 level anterior decompression Degenerative disc ? Tuberculosis with abscess

Their is definitely cord compression at c4 EMG Opinion of orthopedic Laproscopic repair & platting

C5/6 disc bulge Cord compression Myelomalacia of cord Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion Neurological recovery not assured

Disc prolapse with cord compression with secondary changes

1.no comorbidities r mentioned.then y not sx 2.hw does bladder change d mx

cervical spondylitis. compression on the spinal cord at c 5 / 6 level. .

Disc osteophyte complex at C5-6 level causing significant cord compression at this level. Focal T2 hyperintensity noted in spinal cord at this level suggestive of cord edema/ myelomalacia. Mild posterior disc bulge at C4-5 level causing indentation of anterior subarachnoid space.

if weakness is less than 4 in grading or if wasting present or if bladder involved plan soon for surgery

if not fit for surgery then only physiotherapy with gabapentin for symptomatic with neck collar
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