70 yr old male presented with rt sided limb weakness since 2 days... ur comments Pls???



It's a middle cerebral infarct and its left side inferior horn of lateral ventricle pt should be shifted to ICU and monitoring of this patient required

Big size left parieto occipital infarct in left PCA territory.

CVE with old infarct. Needs a continue observation for 4-5 days in ICU. As per age please do chest X ray on admission for any LRTI or COVD 19 signs Take measures SOS Continue on : Anti platelet Anti lipid Multivitamins IV.Fluids Also please note any co morbidity present mainly DM ,HT ,Thyroid & IHD, if present add treatment for the same. Observe GCS ...TDS LIMB POWER...TDS Pupil reaction...TDS Physiotherapy of affected side..to avoid DVT & Atrophy of muscle. After 3 day do mobilization..like seat on bed or chair. FU CT after 4 days.

This is an old ischemic infarction left occopitoparietal. No evidence for a new lesion.If the pt has Rt sided weakness of 2 days needs MRI brain . Continue antiplatelet,statin ,DVT prophylaxis,treat the risk factors if any.

Thank you doctor

Large Gliotic Area seen in Left OccipitoParietal Region....No evidence of Acute Infarct on current CT.... Probably CT done too early... Repeat MRI Brain with contrast and give conservative management

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Appear to be chronic infarct in left occipito parietal area along with dilatation of occipital horn of left lateral ventricle, symptoms may be acute on chronic require mri

Large parieto occipital infarct Start antiplatelet Statin Neurologist opinion Follow up scan after antiplatelet therapy initiation Close neuromonitoring

Yes agreed it is MCA infarct lt side With dilatation of inf horn of lt ventricle Rx inj clexan Inj dexamethasone 8hrly Monitoring of bp

Left MCA infarct ? Congenital dilatation of inferior horn of left lateral ventricle, associated feature

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