70 yrs F having the lesion since 2 months. spot dx. rx.



Dx :- Most likely, CA of Lt mandible. Adv. X-ray followed by CT scan of mandible ( Lt ) . Core biopsy SOS. Rx :- Excision followed by Chemo and Radiotherapy. H/O ? not mentioned, would be helpful. D/D : - Apical abscess of teeth / tooth. Rx :- Teeth /tooth extraction, Curettage and stich / stiches under LA with antibiotics coverage. Materials should be cultured and HP examination.

Looking to the total picture this is going more in favour of 1 lymphadenoma. 2 ca ,malignancy site can be mandible, .salivary gland or near by tissue 3 deep seeted tooth abscess. incomplete extraction of molar,tooth. But goes less in favour of inf as * skin is not looking that red, * pain would have been unbearable to make pt report early. *ulceration is seen ,if its open then pus would have drained out ,which is not there. Line of Tt can be decided after FNAC or open biopsy from ulcer or both. Till then palliative t/t.

1. deep seeted dental abscess 2. squamous cell carcinoma 3. mixed salivary tumour

Lymphadenoma, advised FNAC.

To read H / O ? pain ... Sorry for type mistake.

Ca of the left Mandible. Core Biopsy. Rx If early stage Excision, followed by chemotherapy & Radiotherapy.

FNAC advised. Looks malignant lesion .In D/D 1.Deep seated tooth abcess 2. Condylar hyperplasia

Posting of intra oral pictures will be more helpful.

swelling g looks hard or solid -may b malignancy age also

Appears to be chronic submandibular lymphadenitis or malignancy with superadded infection. X-ray mandible. I & D if soft lesion ( abscess) Biopsy if hard lesion.Then definitive surgery.

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