45 yrs male patient with this lesion from last 3 years.complain of mild pain and sometimes pus formation(oozing yellowish material) Treated with intralesional injections by dermatologist. Is it keloid?? What is management??

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Looks like a keloid .first expand the neck skin with a tissue expander .then excise the keloid and advance the cervical skin flap .it should be a tension free closure .inj kenacort should be injected into wound margins to avoid the recurrence.
It is a Keloid, but will be difficult to treat . Only possible treatment is surgical excision followed by low dose radiations to the excised margins to prevent recurrence
Ok thank you sir
Keloid Steroid injections with LASER treatment is more effective, but it is a part of Experts opinion & treatment
Keloid-In general If Keloids are excissed there will be further aggravating the Size.
Yes it is keloid...but very difficult to manage
Better to refer to plastic surgeon
Yeah it's a keloid
Keloid Rx Excision
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