70old male ch smoker came to me with c/o Cough and expectorant, DOE *1month Fever off and on ECG -NAD Chest X-ray and blood tests are attached suggest Diagnose and treatment

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Left UL cavities with surrounding infiltration, hyperinflated lung fields, tubular heart, Pulmonary TB with Type 2 DM with COPD Start ATT CAT 1 DOTS if no previous h/o ATT, Control Blood sugar levels and LABA + LAMA MDI or DPI for inhalation

Fibrocavitary lesions at left upper lung. PTB.

Left upper zone fivrocavuty with surrounding consolidation

Left upper zone fibrocavitatory lesion S/o PTB Start Anti-Koch's Control RBS Send sputum fr AFB..fungus n culture n gramstain Also it's copd type..so bronchodilators..nebulisation Antibiotics

Left upper zone Fibrocavity lesion on x ray. With uncontrol sugar level.

Lt fibrocaseous tuberculous cavity, infiltrative lt side , Rt side one more tb cavity at sternoclavicular joint , with infiltrate , tubular heart , moderate COPD.

left upper zone fibrocavity with surrounding consolidation ; most probably pulm tb

Fibrocavitory lesion lt upper zone Pulmonary Kochs

Left upper zone fibrocavitatory lesion with uncontrolled diabetes... Most probably pulmonary tb... Sputum for AFB... Start ATT... start antidiabetic,.... Control blood sugar....

Lt midzone fibrotic lesion with streak in favour of Koch's with pneumonitis cbnat hrct COPD pft

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