#World Asthma Day- Asthma & Homoeopathy

Is Asthma treatable by Homoeopathy? What are the indicated medicines for it? How to select the similimum? Share you views Doctor


The similimum needs to be selected based on the cardinal principles of homeopathy. Asthma specific Indicated medicines will give only temporarily relief. Some medicines are- 1. Arsenic- midnight aggravation.& alternates with skin rash or eczema 2. Spongia- Asthma with dry cough which is better by warm drinks 3. Antimonium tart- Asthma with excessive rattling & suffocation 4. Natrium sulph-Asthma with thick, ropy, green phlegm. Asthma worsens around 4 am and 5 am & in damp weather. Other important medicines are drosera, bromium, carbo veg, pulsatilla, medorrhinum
Yes asthma can treated by homoeopathic medicine there are many dilutions and tincture are available f indicated medicine are blatta orientalise tincture,Arsenic ,Brayonia,Rhus tox etc and prescription must b given bases of syptom similarity and totality constitution medicine also available according constitution..and prescribe for some management like avoid dust mites and excersizes .
Yeah Asthma is treatable by homeopathy There are many medicines indicated in homeopathy like aralia, aspidosperma, Brom, spongia....etc. Selection of similimum should be based on constitutional level, miasmatic level, and if there is pathological changes than the selection should be on therapeutic basis and in lower potency i.e.in mother tinctures.
In my personal experience of 40 iyears I learned that single dose of indicated remedy followed by Kali -phos 6x 4tab tds will get good result. Indicated remedy selected from Repertory of Hering's Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia Medica by Calvin B Knerr, M. D.
For providing instant relief, we can give medicines like griendilia and blata orientalis tincture. But for complete cure, constitutional medicine need to be given like arsenic, medorrhinum, pulsatilla, kali carb etc can be very effective
Asthma can be treated with selected most simillimum Homoeopathic medicine along with management And avoid those things which can excite the complaints.
Ya exactly... Give medicine which can fullfill the Complet PQRS from ur presenting totality. ...
Similia Similibus Curenture which covers PQRS & Complete Symptoms !
Drdivya Bijalwan Dr. Ruchita Bambhaniya Dr. K.suresh Kuzhikandathil Dr. Nitin Katre Dr. Ragini Verma Shaifali Seepal Dr. Megha Vyas Dr. Aneeta Singla Dr. Amit Kumar Dr. Debasish Sasmal whats your views on it?
Asthma is fully curable by homeopathy. For this we have to take the full case in chronological order, like when it started, what was the mental condition at that time.in this way we get the cause of disease on mental plane, then aggravation nd how it become better, about thermal nd thirst.after taking the complete case make the rubrics,nd then repertise the case nd get the constitutional remedy.
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