What are the criteria for serving as doctor for covid 19 patient?

You should be young below 55yrs of age You should be healthy and not having any comorbid condition like diabetes hypertension or asthma or pregnancy You should be qualified MBBS or post graduate You should have recieved special training for covid19 course which is available on line You will require total stay and round the clock working in ward
Thank you doctor

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Doctors serving COVID 19 should preferably young below 40 yrs, preferably without any comorbidities For treating asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients, MBBS doctors will do For severely symptomatic and critically ill patients, preferably to be looked after by MD physician and intensivist
A doctor with special training for treatment of COVID-19 patients . Also experience in ICU He should be below55 yrs of age and not suffering from diabetes, hypertension, asthma, pregnancy and cardiovascular disease.
Below 60 No associated medical problems Full knowledge regarding PPE
Age less than 60 yes. No diseases like DM,HT or heart disease.
Thank you Dr Vipin Jain.
Physicians whose licenses have expired may not be able to jump directly into COVID-19 patient care. There are other jobs they can do. And in the long term, physician reentry programs can help them get ready for the next wave of this crisis.
Age less then 55 age MBBS or ayush doctor completed covid certification online filling form circulate by state maharastra it was compulsory

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