72 y/o lady with c/o breathlessness. She has been a known hypertensive for the last 10 years. No h/o CAD. Chest X-ray was done. Share your views


CXR finding shows B/L reticulsr pattern ,pt should be investigated for diffuse pulmonary lung disease and detail systemic examination.

B/L reticular pattern.

BVM+,Proper history enough to come to a diagnosis. Duration, episodic? Wheezing? Past symptoms?

Pulmonary edema due to hypertension .Do HRCT .

If thr are no velcro crepts at the base, ild may be unlikely. Cxr shows b/l hyper inflation and emphysematous changes. D/d- COPD/ bronchial asthma/pulm embolism/CPFE /pulm htn Abg, 2d echo, Spiro, 6mwt,Deco, CTPA with HR cuts from apex to base may help in narrowing the diagnosis.

Cxr shows hyper inflation and emphysematous changes,interstial edema....D/d copd/pulmonary htn/hypertensive heart failure...adv/- abg,ecg,echo,and give a detailed history as this case presentation is incomplete...what the bp of the patient...?????

1) ShwasKas Chintamani Ras Kamdudha Ras b.d. 2) Vasa Rishta 5 ml Dashmoolarisht 5 ml b.d.p.c. 3). Kafkuthar Ras 1 b.d.

Prominent vascular markings reaching lateral 3rd of lung fields? Pulmonary hypertension.

Pulmonary vascular markings very prominent. Breathlessness may be due to edema. We need to look for cardiac sings too: heart sounds, ECG, etc. to find out the cause of edema. Cor pulmonale?

CXR shows B/L hyper inflation and emphysematous changes Pulmonary embolism/COPD/pulmonary HTN 2D echo ECG abg and thorough history is required

Patches in both middle zones,suggestive of Koch, s. Adv.To rule out covid.

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