72/yo male pt post op exp. laparotomy for intestinal obstruction with IHD with EF35% during this event BP 90/69 .RBS43mg/Sk .


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Vt Correct hypoglycemia Electrolyte Cardioversion Ink.amiodarone 150 bolus and 600 infusion

RR intervals is irregularly irregular LBBB A.fib Correct Hypoglycemia & cardiovert


@Dr. Anees Khan . kindly tell...according to brugada' s criteria ...firstly there is no Concordance in QRS complexes...so this rules out VT....ryt or wrong?

Af with lbbb with signs of shock..need cardioversion first ..then rate n rhythm control

AF wit LBBB correction of hypoglycemia Cardioversion

Electrolytes should also be corrected

SVT with aberrant conduction

.Myocardial Infarction


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