72 yrs Female, DM , HTN , with abdominal burning with vomiting ECG enclosed please interpret.



First degree HB

Old anterior wall mi with sinus tachycardia

Non specific ECG change.

ECG. PR interval is .0.24Sec. 1st degree A/V block. Negative concardunc in chest lead.

1st degree av block is not treated as most of the cases it is caused by antihypertensive medicine. Since pt is having sinus tachycardia some kind of ischemia is expected.

Sinus rhythm, regular, 96bpm, Axis LAD, LBBB, 1st degree AV block low voltage QRS complex in V2 to V6, L2 and aVF. RWP - absent.

Left Axis, poor R wave progression, unstable angina

PRinterval is increased.Q wave seen.likely post MI

Low voltage in chest leads Poor R wave progresssion across the chest leads @Dr Naveen sir Old ecg is very helpful At this stage Rx Symptomatic,, Do Serial ecg

Poor r wave progression 1 degree av block

@Dr. Iliyas Sheikh please help

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