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30 years male Papulosqamous patches Severe itch and tenderness History of same illness. Recurrent episodes . Mentally depressed . Not responding to any treatment . He is not diabetic, not hypertensive Normal blood picture. No family history . Married. And he tried 2 times for suicidal attempts in the past. Consulted Allopathic , Homeo, Ayurvedic and Siddha. But no use. How to manage. And what suggestions recommended in this case. Any other modality of treatment .


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Psoriasis. Moisturisers. Clobetasal + calcipotrine Salytar. All topicsls Once / day × 2months.
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EXTENSIVE PLAGUE PSORIASIS..LARGE Now do blood culture His nails are black and ugly ONYCHOMYCOSIS :Pseudomonas Experience teaches that an autoimmune disease like Psoriasis of this intensity should have a Deep Psychic Emotional Suppression....There can't be smoke without fire....Smoke is there...So the fire is in the four walls of the house...The Treating Homoeopath may not have given importance to the mental situation or must have started with a Deep acting remedy in higher potency.. As a Classical Homoeopath & Family Counsellor Though married,It is important for me to know why he attempted suicide how..and why he failed..Does he have a nagging egoistic dominating wife who thinks marriage to him is an obligation than a commitment...? Does she insult him in public? Does he feel subdued because he is not able to father a child. .?Does he get love and respect as an individuaHis complete history is needed.In-depth repertorisation and drug selection by strict individualisation .since his vitality is must select a low potency remedy .In my view this person needs TLC and assurance. start off..Yes. treatIng him is definitely not so easy..I firmly believe as long as there is life, Everything is Possible...@Dr. M V Subramanyam
Dear sir Reassurance / Counselling along with skin treatment is useful in this case. With regards
Chronic Plaque Psoriasis Well demarcated ,erythematous, indurated, plaque with full of classical silvery scales,Grattage test and Auspitz sign must be positive is suggestive of Psoriasis. Rx As well described by @Dr. Subhendu Dhara .
@Dr. P.kishore Kumar -psoriasis
Chronic plaque psoriasis
Plaque psoriasis
Including conventional tt addition of tacolimus helps
Good answers doctors Special thanks to Dr. Dhara and Dr.Rajan Iyer for your valueble suggestions. Here approach to the psychological depressed psoriatic patient is challenging and difficult task . Because feeling of guilt and low self worth with self confidence more prone to Suicidal ideation and depression . So educate those patients with improve the quality of life and reassuring. Depression will lead to loss of interest in life and disturbances in the everyday activities. PASI, DQLI, PDI andPFI are tools used to measure the impact of Psoriasis of the patient . So Psychiatrist and dermatologist to deal the both physical and psychological effects of this disorder at a time. Specific and psychological approaching of the patient will give good outcome . Thanks.
Ya i m agree with.. all.. case of plaque psoriasis Rx Im kenacort 40 mg every 10 days Cap itraconazole 100 mg bd Tab Azathioprime 50 mg bd 3 month Tab hydroxyzine 25 mg bd Tab terbinafine 250 mg bd Ext shampoo biotar (coal tar wid salycylic) Lotion clobetasole wid salycylic Oint mometa+fusidic+clotrimazole Oint Lozivate mf
Geberalized Plaque Psoriasis Though constitutional medicine is the only medicine however Acid Chrysarobinum 4x- 6x, thrice daily may be effective.
Psoriasis. Moisturisers. Clobetasal + calcipotrine Salytar. All topicsls Once / day × 2months.
Congrats curofy.!
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