73/male known DM/ HTN came with dry cough since 7 days and breathing difficulty since 1 day; echo showed moderately severe LV dysfunction with EF 45% , anterior wall thinned out and akinetic; interpret cxr and management



Diabetic n Hypertensive with presence of LV dysfunction on Echo and akinetic cardiac segment and B/L symmetrical diffuse haziness more in middle n lower lung segments is s/o Pulmonary edema due to failing heart leading to Dyspnea... However keep in mind the possibility of secondary chest infection.. Monitoring of CVP alongwith Diuretics n Antibiotics will do the needed

Bil heziness with reticulonoduler shadows seen.m mediastinal widening. Rt inf Pulmonary artery looks prominent. DDs. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, Viral pneumonia ARDS Pulmonary edema Alveolar hemorrage

trachea right shifted mediastinal widened right atrium enlarges right pulmonary artery prominent straightening of left border of heart cardiomegaly bilateral lung diffuse reticular haziness dd pulmonary edema pulmonary interstitial pneumonia viral pneumonia

As per history it’s a case of pulmonary edema with CHF cause HTN, as patient is also immunocompromised (DM) so also rule out H1N1

Diabetic. Hypertensive. Bilateral diffuse hazy lesions some degree of pulm.oedema.treat diabetes. And hypertension as already.give diuretic for pulm.oedema. finalize diag.of pts and the treat accordingly

Diffuse hazyness in chest x-ray..it can be due some primay lung I fection,,or due to lvf..broad spectrum antibiotics should b started...fluids should b given cautiously,, diuretics we have to use definitely.

X Ray showing cardiomegaly,widening of mediastinum, bilateral diffuse hazyness, straightened left

X-ray show batting appearance ,merely b septal lines,cardiomegaly which suggestive of cardiogenic pulmonary edema.

Puledema H1n1 ARDS Viral pneumonia

Pulmonary edema

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