73 yo woman come to the clinic with back pain since 3 months ago. what is the interpretation of this x ray?



Telescopic compression of bodies T12 and L1.with maintained corresponding endplates and disc spaces.

Fish mouth vertebrae. Osteopirotic collapse at mutiple levels. More may be found in thoracic level. Do a myeloma work up and rule out secodaries.

Multiple osteoporotic compression fractures with degenerative listless and scoliosis. Does she have any claudication/leg pain. If not than treat her with teriperatide and bisphosphonates with calcium and vit D. If she has leg pain go for Mri and treat her appropriately for the listhetic segment. continue teriperatide and bisphosphonates post operatively.

Compression# D11 ,D12 @Lumber spondylosisl

Wedge compression of D12 n L1 vertebrae, severe osteoporosis. Is there any H/O trauma? Possibly pathological #. Must R/O multiple myeloma.

Compression # at D12,L1. Osteoporosis seen

grade 3 spondylolisthiasis of L5 over S1.vage compression # of L1 and D12 its mey be due to seviour osteoporosis.

Also must rule out myeloma

Compression # at D12 n L1 vertebrae. Severe osteoporosis. ?Pathological #@. Is there any history of fall or trauma? Must rule out Multiple myeloma.

Osteopenic skeleton with collapse of vertebral bodies .... appropriate treatment required

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