Good evening Curofians. Posted below is an image showing skeletal remains of a child with a rare congenital anomaly. 1. Describe your skeletal findings. 2.Identify the condition. 3.How common is this condition. 4.Have you come across any? Clue : look for the abnormality from pelvis downwards. Thank you. Best regards. [Credit : Internet] Specific reference will be mentioned later after the conclusion of the case.


This is a skeleton of a child with congenital anamoly. 1) Child's skeleton shows absence of Rt hip, Rt lower limb. 2) This is called SIRENOMELIA, Also known as MERMAID'S SYNDROME. This is a fatal illness where the legs fuse in the womb and results in a single limb formation in the place of two legs, medical Historian LINDSEY FITZHARRIS said that it happens when the umbilical cord fails to form to arteries leaving only enough blood supply for one limb. 3) This is extremely rare affecting one in one lakh born. Babies with the disorder rarely survive longer than a few days. There have been a few cases of sufferers living into their teen age years. 4) So far I have come across none. Thanks again dear Kaji for a wonderful case. I think I am correct.
Krishna Mohan sir is Krishna Mohan sir

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1.upper limbs are almost normal with no defects, craniofacial bones abnormality, severe crowding of thorax,absent sternum,spine deviation, absent right hemipelvis and lower limb,, left sided fibular hemimelia. 2.phocomelia syndrome AARR type i.e ALAWADI RAAS ROTHSCHILD phocomelia syndrome. 3.extremely rare. 1st described in 80's 2 cases and some very few cases todays date. 4.never came across . and i pray to god no embryo should get this mutation
Doctor, you said that you will give special reference to the case after the conclusion of the case . please explain. I have seen pictures of mermaids and two femurs were together. the diagnosis of mermaid is not fitting to the picture
Alright kind madam, will do that shortly.Thanks
Marfan syndrome definitely
osteogenesis imperfecta
Respected sirs and madams, Thank you one and all for your participation. Time has come to conclude this case. As revered Dr. Mohan sir has described, it is a case of SIRENOMELIA. Reference of this case : . Hope you will enjoy reading this. Thanks all.
Thanks again dear Kaji for a wonderful post
right hemi pelvis and femur and rest of lower limb absent. left side below femur only tibia is present and only two tarsal bones are present.
Revered sir, What kind of anomaly would this sum upto?
No sternum neck short rt hip & leg absent lt 2 great toe seen with lt tibia fibula missing interested in diagnosis & prognosis
Doctor, the vertebral column is very short compared to the limbs . only one lower limb.
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