74/male DM/HTN/CAD came with altered sensorium, cough and breathing difficulty since 2-3 days; interpret cxr findings; what can be the D/d

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Cardiomegaly Rt cp angle blunt Pil odema As per cc and scan pt is going into hypoxic encephalipathy Echo should be done Most probably it is a case of ccf

Cardiomegaly with pulmonary edema

Cardiomegaly and pulmonary edema with hypoxic encephalopathy Echo, ecg,kft,electrolyte and blood sugar should be done.. Most probably its ccf

right lower zone consolidation; should suspect legionella since altered sensorium; cultures and urine legionella antigen awaited

Rt sided pneumonia For his altered sensorium get an MRI brain , Serum Ammonia, coagulation profile, sugar.

Cardiomegaly with pul oedema , echo , Bl sugar , s Creatinine, s electrolytes and abg warranted

Cause of altered sensorium rule out ckd and hypoglycemia

Rt side pneumonia Cardiomegaly Rt cp angle blunt ? Ccf

Cardiomegaly pneumonitis rt. Lower ? Pulmonary. Edema ?

Rt side Pl effusion with cardiomegaly? LVF

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