Genital prolapse

If genital prolapse in very old _ Vaginal Ring Pessary In Young pt Vaginal Hystrectomy. If Complete prolapse with cystocele & rectocele then _ Vaginal Hystrectomy with A P repair If Young without kids then Cericopexy.
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- give details h/o , findings , age and o/h - if perimenopausal age & obstetrics carrier completed then V.H. - if young ,wish to carry on then so many conservative surgery are depending upon local examination
Her age is 26,,nd USG,cbc,thyroid,sugar are with in range ,she had 3 vaginal deliverys

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It is a big part. Ask for which degree. 3rd degree and procedentia require vaginal hysterectomy with or without cystocoele or rectocoele repair
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Depends on age , parity and grade of prolapse Better if u specify grade of prolapse
Sir it is first degree