diagnosis please .C/o recc vomiting from nose and mouth.


Cleft palate
Cleft palate
DD:Submucosal cleft palate Rx:Cleft palate repair
Cleft palate with secondary regurgitation.... Breast feeding position-foot ball hold to prevent regurgitation.. Bottle feed can b done wth nuby bottles that S sply for cleft palate kids.. Other than this obturator can b gven wch helps the child in feeding with out any difficulty... More than that maintaining the oral hygiene with chlorhex wipes to prevent fungal and bacterial infection... And most IMp... Syndromic involvement need to b ruled out...
Cleft palate . Gerd is secondary to it . Special long nipple bottle r available in market . Palatoplasty needed at 9 to 12 months of age .even spoon feeding can be tried . do proper burping . patient at risk of aspiration pneumonitis
Cleft palate Rx Palatal obturator is advisable for this case because in feeding time the food may enter to the nose then cause obstruction vice versa then immediately to surgical procedure of cleft palate surgery
That is nasal regurgitation due to a cleft palate. Child will not be able to suckle mothers milk. Need to be fed with a spoon. Repair at 12 months. Till then nutrition needs to be attended to.
Kindly Can you provide more information ? Age of pt CC: HxCC Mhx Clinical and radiographic findings DD: Cleft palate
Cleft plate type 1 For palatoplasty wait at least 8-9 month till use obturator to prevent regurgitation
Cleft palate...
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