76 f housewife presented with complain of itching on scalp neck n whole body from 2 month n increases with time itching n discharge present h/ o HT on medication o/e papular lesion on neck nd xerosis present suggest dd n rx



Chr eczematous dermititis with superadded infection on neck Rx oral antibiotics like azithromycin500mg 1od Tab fexofenadine180mg 1od Tab dispred4mg 1tds Locally fucibact oint at neck CSR 6%oint twice daily elsewhere Once infection in beck lesions resolved stop fucibact and shift on CSR Keep followup R/o diabetes

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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Yes It's a case of "Eczematous Dermatitis secondary infection" in 3&4 Pic. Rx. Tab.Zathrin 250 mg bd. Tab.Alerid 5 mg bd. Tab.Zylon 4 mg bd. Lobate-s LA on both arms. Fucibact oint on neck. Maintain Personal hygiene.

Thank you doctor

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*scabies Antihistamine orally. Permethrin lotion locally. Multivitamin and antioxidants orally. Improve general health and personal hygiene. All family members should be treated simultaneously. Clothes and linen wash in boiling water with soap and dry in sunlight.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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Allergic contact dermatitis Zocon Baclate Cetirizine

Scratch mark is there on extensor surface only. Old age ,senile pruritis ,and its chronic nature may go in for neurodermatitis , Anti histaminics ,once a day,moisturize, like urea cream may help. Old age ,clonz,0.5 mg may help her .Skin general health may give good result.Better to shave the scalp hair and look for skin disease.Scalp hair shave may help her.

Senile Eczematous dermatitis Clop s nano gel locally Tab Levocet 1 bd Tab Medrol 8 mg b d

Thank you doctor

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Eczematous dermatitis Sever itching nd scratching leads to added inflamation.

Thank you doctor

Eczematous dermatitis with secondary infection Tab. Azibact 250 bid Tab. Levocet 5mg bid Tab. Dispred 8mg bid Clobet s gel for LA

D/D: eczematous dermatitis, neurodermatitis or LSC.emollients, steroids,oral antihistaminics.

Eczematous Dermatitis Lichen PLANUS hypertrophicus with secondary infection

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