76yr /f with RA, DM and HT. C /O palpitations after she had dinner. With chest discomfort. Her ecg was unremarkable. Diagnosis?



Thanks Al of u. Chest X ray is showing hiatus hernia. Ct findings r consistent with gastric volvulus which was further confirmed on gastroscopy which showed twisted gastric mucosa. Surgical repair. ..resolved hr symptoms of palpitation later on.

Hiatus hernia

Hiatus hernia

Hiatus Hernia

D/D Diaphragmatic hernia Pericardial effusion

Diaphragmatic hernia.

Gerd if she is obese and overweight ok

Widened carinal angle, shift of mediastinum to the left, huge round mass in the posterior mediastinum (? Hiatus hernia), narrowed left lower lobe bronchus. Dx ?.

Add x ray film

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Paraesophageal hiatus hernia

Pericardial effusion D/D hiatus hernia Advised 2 D Echo.

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