Restoring occlusion and smile for my Mom

Metal Free Restorations -3M Lava ESPE Its a tough job when it comes to our dear ones especially when it your own Mom , she had underwent multiple restoration on her mouth since I was a kid , when she had to go for RCT And crowns I was in my 11 th grade at that time the dentist ( Specialist ) used to smile courteously to see my tooth but I wouldn't smile back as I was scared if he would suggest me to have braces , after my graduation those treated tooth with crowns started to give troubles went in for new Rct and crowns of near by tooth as the other dentist had iatrogenically encroached on to her neighbouring tooth which again went for Rct and crown , now situations got worsened few months back had to extract few tooth especially her premolar in lower and upper region , went in for Rct of tooth , Re Rct of existing treated tooth wasn't mandatory as the Rct done before was short of the apex but had no apical changes and this time restored with metal free after removing all her metal ceramic crowns . Hope the pics would tell the story . I don't compromise for my patients neither my mom so went for 3 M lava Espe crowns and bridge



Superb work doc...only 1 que in lower arch why not replace second molar sir????
Had to prepare 48 and if needed intentional Rct , the patient that's my mom wasn't willing so went for replacement till 46 . Cantilever is not possible on 47 region especially for metal free restorations

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Nice doctor

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