Prevention and Treatment of Pandemic COVID19

PREVENTIVE AS WELL AS FOR TREATMENT OF THE PANDEMIC It has been our experience that in the case of epidemics/pandemics, the indicated homoeo remedy never fails; moreover, it gives the desired effect IN ONE SINGLE DOSE. (No Need to repeat at all!) DENUGUE FEVER: One Single dose of Bryonia-200. Even those in i. c. unit got total relief in just 24 hours and they were discharged the next day. Again, for SWINE FLU, homoeo remedy MERCURIUS-SOL-10,000. [Single dose.] Earlier we suggested Ferrum-met. for the present-day pandemic; but though it gave great or total relief in many patients tested positive for the pandemic, we did come across cases where Ferrum-met. did not show the desired results (in 5-10% of cases.) It has been our experience and observation that in the case of endemics/pandemics, the indicated homoeo remedy never fails (may be one in one million cases the remedy may not show the results.) Therefore, we started a revised study and observation of symptoms of corona and it showed that the remedy Ferrum-met is only a near-similimum and the only correct remedy is HIPPOZAENIUM. Now, coming to the present day pandemic, after scanning through the seven thousand and odd pages of post-mortem and autopsy reports (of patients who died of COVID) given by various doctors, researchers and medical colleges all over the world, we could cull down the following: A medical college attached to Harvard University (Times of India May 30, 2020) did post-mortem examinations of seven COVID patients who died and they found micro clots in alveolus). Both the “clots and growth of new vessels (otherwise called collateral hyperaemia)” was higher in victims of the pandemic. The only and one homoeo remedy that covers the above two symptoms is HIPPOZAENIUM. This must be used not below the 10M potency. ONE SINGLE DOSE (2 pills, chewable, taken any time) and not repeated at all. No diet restrictions and can be given to the newborn as well as to women at all months of pregnancy. If anyone has any reservation/hesitation to give it orally, you may buy HIPPOZAENIUM-10M and put just one drop on the skin of the patient, the convenient place being the middle of the forearm or on the center of cheek. Extracts from one of the indispensable reference works, Dr. Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory is given below: CHEST - LUNGS, Infarctions (infarction – the death of part or the whole of an organ that occurs when the artery carrying its blood supply is obstructed by a blood clot): . . . , HIPPOZ. [In many post-mortem reports of COVID victims multiple organs were found containing infarctions.] CHEST - LUNGS, CONGESTION: collateral hyperemia (new growths), .HIPPOZ. Hippozaenium – (Wilkinson’s Mat. Medica) – Numerous ecchymoses in internal organs. Boericke, Lilienthal, Knerr, Wilkinson’s Mat. Medica, Yingling are the chief reference works, essential for day-to-day practice. In the case of the present-day pandemic, Knerr has come to our help. One single dose of HIPPOZAENIUM-10,000 would prevent the pandemic for six weeks. Those tested positive got total relief in just 24 hours.


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