Colonic pathology presented as abscess in LIF.

Male patient 40 yrs old presented in OPD in Feb 2020 with H/O incision and drainage of abscess in LIF in Nov 2019 followed by persistence petulant discharge since then with no h/o any bowel problems.He has been diagnosed as chronic sinus and it reveles Colo cutaneous fistula.Colonoscopy was done at Dehradun and dx is confirmed.Sharing you all relevant investigation with opinions about treatment.Bx not done as tissue is friable

D/d 1. Diverticulitis resulting in colo cutaneous fistula 2. Crohn's Needs CT enterogram, CBC, S. Albumin, CRP The colonoscopy images posted are not clear because of glare... Can you repost them?
Ok,i will post you a vedio.