This new born suffering from what? Dear doctors Dx nd Rx please


umbilical hernia
OMPHALOCELE (EXOMPHALOS) Omphalocele is a rare abdominal wall defect where abdominal organs protrude through a hole into the base of the umbilical cord. Management : There is no treatment that is required prenatally unless there is a rupture of the exomphalos within the mother. An intact exomphalos can be delivered safely vaginally and C-sections. The exomphalos sac is kept warm and covered with a moist saline gauze and plastic transparent bowel bag to prevent fluid loss. The neonate also requires fluid, vitamin K and antibiotic administration intravenously. The newborn is assessed to rule out associated anomalies prior to surgical closure of the defect.
Its a symple case of umbilical hernia.. And no pathy have here any scope.. So.. Meet a surgeon for surgery and before surgery plz.. Contact a pediatrics expert near you.. And plz.. Aware about any infection and maintaining hygiene is must..
Omphalocele covered by amniotic membrane. Failure of regression of physiological hernia during development of midgut.
Thanks Sir.

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Umbilical herniation, Not tied properly after delivery, Surgical management necessary sir
Umbilical Herniation.... It was not tied properly after delivery....
Umbilical herniation surgical management is the treatment
Umbelical Herniation..
Umbilical hernia
Umbilical hernia
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