48 yr female gave history of something passing out while urination. received a grey white soft tissue piece measuring 6x3x2cm.. please give your opinions on histopathology sections..


Decidual cast / Dysmenorrhea Membranacea
Endometrial cast /decidual cast Clinical history of any exogenous hormones taken by pt will b needful for further evaluation
Endometrial cast .deciduoid.?true decidua? False decidua.correlate .clinical. imaging.s bhcg
Sqamous cell metaplasia bladder secondary to Leishmaniasis!
Dysmenorrhea membranacea/ Pseudodecidualuzation
Thank you all for your valuable feedback :)
Endometrial tissue showing decidual change
POC Obs. history for evaluation n needful.
Dysmenorrhea membranacea /Decidual casts.
Endometrial or decidual cast
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