2 yrs male child came with febrile convulsion. O2 inhalation, nebulization,ceftriaxone, dexamethasone has given, after conscious ,ibupara ,solvin nasal drops,syr gardenal was given plz interpret cxr and line of management

Why gardenal syp.in febrile convoludions? CXR appears normal, furnish details of convolutions, how long it lasted,any aura, any post ictal sleep or headache?? If any test needed, its CSF analysis to rule out meingitis, encephalitis. Der is widal test +.,Rx with amoxiclav or azithromycin,x 10 days. If repeated convulsions,atypical convulsions,arrange for EEG& CT Scan brain,to r/o epilepsy,brain lesions . If febrile convulsions is final Dx, then follow as, 1.Tepid sponging 2.PCT syp 15 mg/kg per dose 3.Frisium tab during fever 4.Then Antibiotics depending upon cases
Chest scan is NAD and reports are suggestive of viral fever. Stop using gardinal and dexamethasone. Diazepam is preferable to gardinal. Rest treatment symptomatically.
Mixed bag of tt. If seizures abort in reasonable . Why all this . Omit all . Explain parents nature of illness and Pyrex is management.
Chest scan NAD.
NAD x ray

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