case of 55 female post burns 3 months back c/o severe itching not subsided with antihistamines suggest treatment


Silicon gel/ colloidal oatmeal for local application & pregabalin/ naltrexone/ antidepressants are helpful. Application of steroids should be avoided as it further weakens epidermal scar a nd leads to easy bruising & perforating der mastitis, moreover surface are is large enough and frequent use of steroids will lead to systemic side effects
As a Naturopath, I would advise the following regimen. 1. Detox a) Drink 500ml water (not fridge water) daily morning, before brushing. @b) Warm water enema (colon wash) with one lemon in 1 litre warm water x twice daily x 7 days. c) Kati Snan (sitz bath) x 20 mins x twice daily(morn/even) x 30 days. d) Sun Bath x 20 mins (betn. 8am & 11am) daily. e)Brisk walking 20, mins. Daily to induce sweating. f) Steam inhalation x twice daily. Method - Boil water in a vessel with one tsp turmeric powder. (morning n evening)) x 7 days. g) Raw Diet fast x 30 days. (No cooked food). Only seasonal n regional ie locally available, juicy and pulpy, red, yellow n orange colored fruits, fresh fruit juices, sprouted pulses,nuts,dry fruits, vegetable salads, green juices, kitchen spices n condiments. (No Red, or Green chillies, Pepper) Nachni Juice, Til juice, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, carrot + amla juice x once daily x 30 days. Include Papaya n 5 black dates & a glass of raw nachni juice for BREAKFAST Daily. Include (only one) fresh fruit for LUNCH. AND Vegan Salad or Raita for DINNER (No Fruit salad or milk shake). Have a glass of warm water + 1tbs of Honey once daily before noon h) Sun bath x 20 mins daily. Consume at least two and half litres water daily. AVOID STRICTLY - i) Milk and all dairy products x two months. ii) Sugar ie Refined Sugar (only honey n jaggery (gur) allowed. iii) Salt ie Sodium salt, sea salt, iodised salt x 6 mths. (now only rock salt - saindhav). iv) Wheat, Maida, Rava, Lapsi, all bakery product s x 1 year. ie NO Biscuits,Bread, Cakes, Cookies, and other bakery. Also Avoid - Cold food, Stale food, oily food, fried food, preserved food, canned food, pickles, papad, Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Ice cream, Fast foods, Tea, Coffee, non veg foods, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Moghlai, Non Veg eg Eggs, Fish, Poultry, Mutton etc. No Tobacco or Alcohol in any form, no microwave , nor A/c rooms. Practise Pavana muktasana daily morning on rising, followed by shavasana for 5 mins. Practise OM meditation, (3-3) Anuloma Viloma, (10 - 10) & Bhramari pranayama (5 - 5) x twice daily. X 6 months.
Antihistamines along with pregabalin for itching .she can also use a compression garment to prevent scar hypertrophy.also avoid sunlight over the scar as it makes it more red
Give Homepathic medicine it will surely improve the case without any harm Calendula 200 bd Cantheris 30 tds Urtica urens 30 tds surely cure itching
Burns have healed. A steroid cream mixed with coconut oil will help
Placentrex cream will help
Silicon gel and pregabalin
The patient will show tangible results in 4 days. 50%,relief in 15 days, and will gain his confidence in Naturopathy. Regimen = Dinacharya We treat n Nature Cures
Tissue originator ‘Oxoferin’ drops applied from the boxers of the lesion to the center, once daily would be the best option. May be expensive
It can be cured completely,do not worry. Arogya vardhini vati 1od Barphani cream to be applied on the lesion. Pl contact me.
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