Blocked atrial bigeminy with pseudobradycardia

A 34 yr old G1P0 female that was referred for blocked atrial bigeminy with pseudobradycardia detected elsewhere at 33 weeks of gestation. Furthermore, a placenta previa was diagnosed. The patient was scanned at 37 weeks of gestation. Echocardiography showed an arrhythmia that in M-mode resulted in being a blocked atrial trigeminy with a mean fetal heart rate of 100 bpm. What next should be done?

Lscs to be done. Keep blood in hand. Refer the baby to cardiologist after delivery
If you do need treatment, it may start with beta-blockers, medications that help relax your heart and lower blood pressure. Other medications include calcium channel blockers to help lower blood pressure and reduce your heart's workload, and antiarrhythmic drugs that help restore your heart's healthy, normal rhythm.
In case of central placenta previa and fetal bradycardia LSCS is to be in emergency
Lscs to be done with blood arrangements Good back up facility
Yes medical emergency Go for urgent LSCS
Already 37 wks Go ahead with lscs
- LSCS with Blood transfusion
Wait for term nothing serious
Immidiate planning of LSCS..
Foetal distress Plan LSCS
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