Better treatment for cases of cerebral cortical atrophy with fair memory impairment in 70 plus

For cerebral cortical atrophy in > 70 yrs old is age related cortical atrophy.No need for any treatment.If he has any associated medical problems linked,hypertension ,Thyroud etc needs appropriate med. Check history of smoking & ethanol, if + ve ad to stop. Check vegetarian or non veg. If veg check B12c& Folate. Regarding "FAIR MEMORY IMPAIREMENT",I have a problem for analyzing. Memory impairement will be mild ,moderated &severe.Do MMSE and check he has true memory impairment or not.
Brain tissue damage is irreversible. Nutrient diet and exercise can improve the condition by supplying blood flow adequately to the damaged part and stop further deterioration.
Thank you doctor
There is no specific treatment or cure for cerebral atrophy. Some symptoms of underlying causes can be managed and treated. Controlling blood pressure and eating a healthy, balanced diet is advised. Some research suggests that physical exercise may slow the speed of atrophy. Once brain cells have been lost, the damage is permanent.
Thank you doctor

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