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Hepatocellular carcinoma- a sequelae to cirrhosis liver

A 65 years old male with past history of alcoholism with chronic liver disease is diagnosed as hepatocellular carcinoma- is on solafenib since 6 months with no distant metastasis and fresh PET scan shows reduction in size of hepatic tumor. Now having significant leg pains - a known case of T2DM. A colour doppler study of lower limb vessels show approx.50 % decreased flow of blood on femoral and popliteal arteries. Treatment plan regarding Diabetic peripheral vascular disease and further treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma besides solafenib ?

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Continue same treatment..options of TACE
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Liver transplant may be considered for stable, nonmetastatic, liver CERN carcinoma responding to sorafenib and restricted to liver Diabetic peripheral vascular disease to be treated conservatively with ecosprin, cilostazole and atorvastatin treatment
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Partial hepatectomy, for removal of mass ANGIO of lower limbs and stenting. Aggressive control of DM
There is no treatment, don't give false hope to pt.
Continue same treatment..options of TACE
TACE should be offered

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