Allergic rhiniyis

13yr Male child complaint of allergic rhinitis.sneezing more at night and early morning.profuse watery discharge from nose with stuffing of nose before going to sleep.Itching and redness of eyes on and off.Thrmally he is hot patient.craving for cold drink and chicken.He is very sincere ,hard worker ,like to play out for games.He becomes angry easily.He wants more attention from mother.


Use lemna min 30 Teucrim m.v. 30 R49 Dr reckweg drop Take it for 3-4months It's effective And get well soon
Thank you doctor
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy * Alium Cepa, Belladonna, Natrum Sulph, is Best.
Livocitrizin 5mg1/2bid Pcm6501/2 TDs Nasal drop 2drop bid Cefakind 250bid
Rx Sabadilla, Allium cepa , Pothos.

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