27 yr female comes with complaints of bleeding gums since 10 days . she used stolin gum paint from 8 to 9 days n scaling also done.and she takes multivitamins from 15 days .but little bit bleeding continued. at time of brushing. after taking medical history she has pcod from last 1 please give option to me about these case.

Common causes of bleeding gums are PLAQUE thick film of germs on gums and teeth can be removed by daily brushing floosing or rinsing HORMONAL SHIFTS during mens cycle hormones falls and rise makes gums more susceptible MEDICATION that causes dry mouth NUTRITIONAL DEFFICIENCY vit C CROOKED TOOTH FAMILY HISTORY
No family history ma'am
There may be gingivitis and periodontitis, Scurvy and/or hemophilia. Gingivitis is the most common cause to be treated Explain good oral hygiene, increase intake of Vitamin C and K, rinsing the mouth with saltwater solution, massaging of gum with honey on fingertips and turmeric paste. Listerine mouthwash is also used.
Thank you doctor

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