pain in lower 6th since five, diagnosis and treatment plan pls ....


Overhang restoration Do proper class 2 restoration with retainer band and wedge application Cause of pain can also be 8 as it is unerupted and pushing the 7 which pt can not diffentiate bet 6 and 7 And even though it is not causing pain now but it should be extracted as it will destruct 7 which appears sound as of now
Most probably due to impacted 8.

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Pain can be either due to 6 or 8 For 6 first remove the previous restoration and do IPC and check for the pain.In dis case the distal pulp horn seems to be high so probability of pulpal involvement is there ,so if still after doing IPC pain persists go for RCT followed by capping. And for 8 it may be also the culprit( if not now then in future for sure) as it is pushing the 7.
Remove the overhanging restoration and give zoe temp. Recheck tenderness on vertical and lateral percussion again after few days. If irreversible pulpits go for rct...or else do a good Class 2 restoration using bio matrices and wedges.
Over hanging margin of restoration has caused bone restoration and is cause of pain do proper class restoration with application of wedge and strip band
Remove the old restoration... And do IPC with temporary restoration... Recall after 15 days.. Treat the 8 ad it is distally affecting the 7
Pain is due to food lodgement Remove this restoration Do class 2 restoration in lower 6
Distal pulp horn looks high....pulpal involvement..go for rct..class 2 wont work
Pulp horn involvement.. go for RCT
Agree with dr Anurodh misra
Thanks doc
Remove restoration... Get the tooth out of occlusion... Remove the caries .. and fill it with kalzinol... Call the patient again after 10-14 days... If case is asymptomatic do the permanent restoration.......
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