Neuroblastoma with BM mets stage 4

Respected doctors ( all sir and madam) I am sorry for posting a non relevant post here but i really need a help in this and didn’t want to loose any single opportunity in this so once again sorry for breaking the rules but , the concern is that , I know a child named Mr. Anuj of 8 yrs old, son of Mr. Shri Purushottam Bhatt , belong to graam Madha pata , tehri district in uttarakhand. He is undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma with BM mets stage 4 at AIIMS hospital, Rishikesh. Their financial condition is very poor as his father is working at a pump station under a contractor. He is advised for BM ( bone marrow ) transplantation which is not available at Aiims rishikesh so this case is referred to PGI Chandigarh and Aiims delhi. Because of their financial condition his family is not able to help much as the expenses are too high so his family has thought of applying to the cm relief fund for which they require the cost estimation for the complete procedure from the respective hospitals that is PGI chandigarh. you can reach out to his father, Shri purushottam bhatt for further details. Phone no: 9897044895 Please sir if any one have any idea regarding it or any connections in that hospital and can get the info and help the child in anyway , the child’s hope to live a little more would get fulfilled. My humble request to all the doctors here , to help this child in anyway you can sir and madam. Thanks and regards.

In PGI Chandigarh - cost of Autologous BMT - arround 2 lac, in PGI CHANDIGARH no much cost... Please never share personal information in such groups..... For financial assistance - patient father can go through online ketto like platform....
Thank you doctor and sry for the post but i didnt knew anyother way to get the info so i did this. Anyway thank you so much sir and sorry for posting here again

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