28 year female patient came with pain in abdomen 15 dayz , irregular in periods since 1 month, married 1 year Bp 110/80, P =70/min Vitals stable Usg ab pel done ...wht is management of case sir?


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Diagnosis here is Pcos with renal calculus. Pcos is an accidental finding when pt has gone for pain in abdomen. Here rule out UTI 1st Calculus + UTI r many times associated together. Tt for pain by antispasmodics, Antibiotics if infection. Syrup Neeri or Calcurosin to dissolve the calculus as well Hydrotherapy. Cycles r irregular since 1 mth only. If she wants to conceive then ovulation induction with cc or letoval. Otherwise put her on krimson 35 or Ginette 35 Metformin if obese. Regular exercises.
Cause of pain may be Calculus. You can give the patient hydrotherapy along with analgesics. As far as PCOD is concerned, Get her FSH, LH, Prolactin, Testosterone, Insulin done. Treatment will depend whether patient wants to plan pregnancy or no. Either ways, if patient is obese, weight management with diet and exercise is recommended in all cases.
How to treat PCOS In this female@Dr. Namrata Jadhav mam

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PCOD is the most common problem in teen/young females.... Do complete hormonal assay including LH, FSH, ANDROGEN, ESTROGEN, PROGESTERONE levels .... Most of them are well recovered with conservative management only... Surgery is rarely required.
How to treat renal calculi in this female sir @P Kartheek Reddy

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PCO can cause irregular periods but quite unlikely to cause pain Pain may be due to renal calculus Get her urine RE TREAT WITH antibiotics and analgesics
How to treat PCOS In this female @Nisha Bhargava mam