8 days back, animal owner using home remedy treated for mastitis. Mastitis change to haemorrhagic mastitis on day 3. Treated by quack on day 4 & 7. Today I given Texableed 10ml IM Calcium 250ml iv streptopenicillin 2.5g im Avil 15ml im Advice give styplon bolus, Lemon+curry leaves.



First milk culture & sencevity test then proceed for treat. because it is chronic case in mean while resistance dev. against some anti biotics also.

Thanks sir

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First remove the milk from the breast .. Inj adcrom(stardren c.k.p) 10ml i/m Inj melonex 20ml i/m inj intamox 4gm i/m Oral leptaden tab-100 10__________10 titali_m cap.. 10______10

In case of bloody mastitis drug of choice is lykacetin IV Formaline diluted in boiled water IV Raw potato as fodder Calcium and phosphorus Try this I am sure u will get the results

Sir plz explain detail about formaline solution .

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Dear Dr u had not specified whether it is bloody milk or bloody watery fluid ? If bloody milk INJ marbofloxacine 16%* 30ml im15+15ml INJ stmvet 5ml I'm Inj Adrenochrome+ vita+ cbg support I/mammary cold clean water gives good results. If it is bloody watery fluid Try INJ gentamicin 30 im bid Or INJ Amikacin And support as above.

Dear Dr. Also u give Inj safvet Inj adchrom 10 no Inj nimovet 15 ml Inj isofluid 10 no Inj vetade 15 ml ( vit ad3) Orally mamodiam powder Lexin bolus bd Sumovet bolus with hibex bolus also give it

Sir please mention generic name of medicine to make valuable for professionals of other country.

Must be tried with Inj Vit k 10ml for 5days Powder Alum 50gm 3to5 days

Sir isme intamemri tub bat me dale aur inj fortivir 20ml megludyne 20ml vita vitasept 10ml quntas 15ml avil 10ml trivivet 15ml clotax 20ml Bol steplan 2bol bd rest 2bol bd olone cef 1bol bd dozliv 2bol bd

Good treatment but in place of strepto penicillin,use superior antibiotic I/v along with coagulant &application of Healant cream topically.

first time

I think go for culture sensitivity test. By the time you can give masifit 30 gms bd so that the pH of milk is maintained

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