8 YO girl came with her father, she fell down in school 2 days ago, #21 was fractured with pulp exposure, pt complained of mild sypmtoms of this tooth What would be the appropriate management ?



As we can see the apex is mature Should I go for RCT

Do not go ahead with permanent crown..as shes only 8 years old..theres alot more changes yet to happen in her dental arches..Prefer doing composite or temporary crowns

Do RCT and then go for temporary crown

Rct will be a good choice with composite restotration as a temporary

RCT then build up

Its A simple case ..Go for Root canal and composit restoration...

Rct..Place mta at sight of fracture

Since it seems to be mature tooth, there is no need for apexification.. And generally you need to treat Ellis c 3 fracture of a tooth, by RC treating it following a crown..

Should not give crown now as she is just 8 yrs old.. Rx is RCT With composite..

Yes, Do the RCT

Ya balshah :)

Go for rct...no need of build up...go for crown....just give calcium hydroxide dressing for 10/15 days..

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