8 yrs female patient having c/o itching around right ear.she

8 yrs female patient having c/o itching around right ear.she has taken tab.azithromycin,cetirizine,oint.oflox,ornida clobetasol,clotrimazole too many ointments from different doctors but no releif.so help in dx and treatment



Wow!! Central clearance...Undoutedly TINEA Faciae..Metal/ Cosmetic Allergy..Should do a cbc esr stool urine thyro & horm profile....She could be a Hirsute...! Modify her diet stop whites bakery gluten besan nonveg..Deworm PURGE De-stress..On totality I suggest Bac/ Nm Thuj... Dr.Bharat Tinea is a Miasm..So have Patience!! Hang on till you get HLC..Say a strong bout of diarrhoea or RTI...If you want a CURE.......

Dr Bharat b madha... This is a case of psoriasis... This is a seasonal aggravative disorder... taking care in Diet and cool mind activities and regular medicines will give better result. Graphities pentarkan 1x tablets regularly 1+1+1 chewable. Ars alb 1m weekly one dose gives good support. Thank you

Aragwadha Kashayam15ml+30ml warm water in empty stomach +vilwadi pill 2-0-2 with Kashayam. Apply triphala Choornam over head nd affected area. Check for dandruff..

Tinea Infestation. Treatment includes: 1. Tab Fluconazole 2-6 mg/kg orally 2. Onabet cream for LA in the morning 3. Livafin cream for LA at night 4. Keto Shampoo 5. Keto soap

It is may be Psoriasis or Tinea infection is also. Give Sepia 200 single dose.stat. And Tellurium 30 TDS.

chronic plaque psoriasis, confirm by biopsy

This could be aggravating from warmth of bed on the side lain. Teucrium powder externally should cure whether it's scabies or psoriasis.

This is truly tinea infection but not at all T. Versicolor, mezerium 200, Bacillinum 1m and sepia are the med but after case taking may be changed plan of treatment

Fungal infection, tellurium - 6 three time a day, Becilimum -200 Every week

I think its due to earings what she used. Metallic allergy. U can try with simple ayurvedic treatment. Apply pure termorric powder with water. Vilwadi tablet 1BID.

Triphala kashaya wash

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