80 year old lady admitted to ICU with cough and fever 2-3 days and difficulty in breathing 1 day. Interpret CXR findings please.




Bilateral perihilar infiltrate, cardiomegaly investigate in terms of Cardio myopathy and Pulmonary oedema by ECG and echo. In view of the short term history of cough, fever and sob also think it terms of viral pneumonia sply influenza/ H1N1 by throat swab . Till confirmation of diagnosis treatment is symptomatic.

Yep me to go for viral pneumonia

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Bilateral infiltrates with pleural effusion Looks like cardiogenic pulmonary Edema

Bilateral infilterates, B\L effusion fever, breathlessness short time My first diagnosis would be CAP it could be viral atypical pneumonia, cardiac failure, renal failure Start augmentin with azee and oseltamivir.

Bil pleural effusion,cardiomegaly and pulmonary.oedema.

Bilateral pleural effusion, cardiomegaly, left hila prominent Bilateral lower zone infilterates Osteoporotic bones. ECG leads attached and ? Ryle's tube in situ Spine not clearly visible..

Cardiomegaly with b/l basal congestion with rt effusion most probably transudative

Pulmonary edema , cardiogenic

Bilateral perihilar haziness suggestive of pneumonitis

I agree with Dr.S S.Patro.

Agreed within Dr. Satya Prakash sirji

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