80 years old, ?cause of non cardiogenic pulmonary oedema

80 years old female,k/c/o HTN and seizure disorder with dimentia came to emergency with c/o shortness of breath and irrelevant talking since 3-4 days.Patient have h/o fall from chair 2 days back.On examination ,patient GCS15/15,BP-130/80MMHG, Pulse-84/min regular.Spo2-85%on RA.Chest -B/L extensive crepts.Patient mantaining spo2 on oxygen 4litres/min.ECG grossly normal.TLC count-7800,LFT-normal,s creatinine 1.6.urea 78.Urine 3-4 pus cells.ABG-grossly normal.Patient managed on diuretics and antibiotics.Patient still having B/L crepts with continous talking.Xray chest attached,please suggest further Mx.Covid PCR-NEGATIVE




Serum electrolytes to rule out hyponatremia , 2d echo for cardiac status , history of fever? Send sputum for afb, c/s, g/s . Looks like left sided pneumonia. Give piperacillin taxobactam and wait for cultures

Thankyou doctor.Serum sodium levels-139.No h/o fever,no tachycardia.On cefperazone/sulbactum.Please advice.


No cause is being found.no tachycardia.

HRCT chest to have a better look on lungs 2D echo to know the cardiac status, Serum electrolytes. Cause of fall from Chair ?

Thankyou doctor.Just a postural imbalance from chair,no seizure ,no CVA episode.Normal power in all limbs.serum electrolytes normal.

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COVID to be ruled out

COVID negative doctor!

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