Coughing with expectorant having brownish phelgm.

71 year old female patient with a complaint of sweats and chills from past few days. Coughing with expectorant having brownish phelgm. Chest x-ray report- No acute intrathoracic findings. On Auscultation B/l air entry + Air entry mildly reduced Lt lower side Ronchi b/l ++ She is pitta vata prakriti & has avara agni bala



Kindly refer to pulmonologist. Brownish phlegm can be due to decomposed blood in the lower lobes of lung. Also the CXR isn't normal.
Thank you @Dr. Aarti Vishwakarma
K. S 30 (3) dose bd
Rx Carbo veg 200
Dear Dr. Anu Parmar, Advice For the case. Sitopaladi churna. Yestimadhu churna. Abhrakbhasma 1000 puti. Swarna vasanti malti ras. Sy. Whoopin 1 tsp/ hourly.
ऐकोनाइट स्पंजिया हिपर

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