3 months male child. Came with umbilical stump since birth. Watery discharge present without pus. No other systemic symptom. Accepting feed adequately. Is it umb granuloma ?


Umbilical hernia with granuloma, rule out meckl's diverticulum. I have operated such case during my residency while I was chief resident.
I am agree with you. Sir you are The great doctor Namaskar
its umbilical granuloma... cautrise with silver nitrate or apply common salt...
USG abd to r/o patent vi duct or other cong anomalies...
Obviously it's umbilical granuloma need cauterisation with freshly prepared silver nitrate solution and most of the time responds to common salt application. CBC may be advised to rule out immunodeficiency.
small umbilical granulomas usually respond to silver nitrate application that persist after silver nitrate treatment require surgical excision.
even if it's umbilical granuloma, possibility of patent vitellointestinal duct and patent urachus should b kept in mind.
Mostly Granuloma , copper sulphate painting should help to cauterise chemically .
umbilical granuloma.cauterization with silver nitrate solution
umbilical granuloma..apply common salt or silver nitrate..
umbilical granuloma,apply common salt
Yes Dr Manish looks like granuloma
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