Itchy rash on the extremities and trunk

A 26 y/o male with acute onset of an itchy rash on the extremities and trunk. He is in good health and does not take any oral medications or recreational drugs. Numerous erythematous papules on the extremities and trunk seen. redness no pain no discharge More i hot weather itching at night appetite, thirst- normal stool- hard constipated urine- normal desire- alcohol aversion- no thermals- hot Please help in the diagnosis & treatment


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Gun pawdar 30 Sulphur 3
Figs, raisins apricots dates peaches mango,.. for stools, hygiene should be maintained, Medicare soAp, alcohol should be stopped,, turmeric powder paste sprouts kalijeeri lime juice citrus fruit, pineapple with black pepper to maintain acid alkaline balance sulpha if tolerant
Please provide correct picture, the one uploaded is of 3 yrs child from the case of Meenakshi Bisht.
Correct picture please @Aditya Koul sir
Looks Like Fungal infection.
Agree with Dr Twara ma'am
Seborrheic Dermatitis
Fungal infection
Fungal infection
Sulphur 200
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