80y, M, chronic alcoholic, presented with these symptoms large lobulated hard mass at angle of mandible and soft palpable mass in left hypochondrium region. both masses appeared 8 to 9 yrs before and kept on increasing in size. pt says he is assymptomatic so never visited hospital and preferred to drink in case any pain is felt by him. he is not intrested in any treatment and never had any x ray or any investigation done for masses. possible diagnosis of masses or differencial diagnosis??



DD 1. Lipoma. 2.secondaries. 3 Neurofibroma Do sonogrphy FNAC. Finally Excision.

Neck mass probably is lymph nodes mass, probably malignant .Parotid mass is DD. Abdomen mass is probably Lipoma . Both require investigations like FNAC, excition biopsy, to come to definitive diagnosisi

Masses are present since 8 or 9 years, not growing significantly, hence unlikely to be malignant.


Could be Neuoroma /neurofibroma

Benign mass Possibility of lipoma Ultrasonography FNAC


Mass on hypochondriac region may be lipoma Lobulated mass at angle of mandible.. Need biopsy nd FNAC

Histopathological examination is mandatory before f d

Thank you doctor

Lipomas, Do Fnac

Thank you doctor

Possibly lipoma but do FNAC

Thank you doctor
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