Bluish Discoloration of Hands

A 59-year-old man reports that he began to develop bluish discoloration over his ears in his early 30s. In his late 30s, he started developing deposits of a dark pigment in his sclera. The patient subsequently developed severe arthritis and tendonitis. The patient was recently diagnosed with a mitral valvulopathy secondary to his underlying condition. His family history is not specific. He takes ibuprofen and occasionally codeine, as needed, for pain. Physical exam reveals blue-black scleral deposits and blue-grey pigmentation of the patient’s hands and ears. A urine organic acid analysis reveals elevated levels of homogentisic acid. Generals- all well only stool constipated mentally she is irritable, greedy and gets angry at trifles likes to eat spicy things . Have good memory Dx & Rx Docotors?



Grafaytes 200 Sulphur 30
Ibuprofen be stopped...figs, guavas prayers raisins apricots dates pomegranates cucumber salad muskmelon walnuts blue berries sunshine ginger onion garlic powder turmeric powder paste sulpha if tolerant no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods lime juice orange lemon lemongrass decoction prayer carrots green leafy vegetables guava...whey water...
raynauds's phenomenon.. Agaricus, carbo veg, secale cor, apis , like medicine can work ....first of all diffrentiate it thn prescribe accordingly...
Raynaud's phenomenon CHANDRA Prabha vati Manjisthadi kwath Shiva gulika Panchatiktha ghrita guggulu
Form totality using physical and mental generals. Give the indicated medicine. Manage the case.
Raynould phenomenon Manjisthadi tailam Chandraprabha vati Shiva gutika Sahcharadi kashyam
It is alkaptonuria No treatment has been found in the modern science yet...
Radiological and Pathological investigations Needed.
Dx Raynaud's Phenomenon ?
Raynaud's phenomenon
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