A Buffalo died 3 hrs after parturition. all parameters was normal at time of parturition and also released placenta after 2 hrs of the parturition. please suggest the possible reason????


Death after parturition may be due to foreign body which remains compressed due to the weight of the foetus .Immediately after parturition the weight is released & the fb may puncture some vital organ ,leading to internal hemorrhage, shock and death.This can be confirmed on autopsy. There are many instances of unusual deaths following parturition in bovines due to fb.
Thank you doctor
Age the buffalo & kind of delivery are needed.if uterine rupture means placental shedding is not attained in 2 hr.Further in hypocalcemia placental shedding in 2 he is not possible.So in my opinion it is due to FB of abomasum it may puncture either lung or ❤️.i think after delivery the buffalo may not get up.Dr this sort of cases follow the autopsy's datail.thank u
Pictures show hypocalcemia as well as hypovolumic shock just because of excessive bleeding. As animal doesn't die suddenly in case of hypocalcemia . But when hypocalcemia is along with hypovolumia then it may case death due to shock / heart failure
dr. if you have not removed placenta then it might b due to internal bleeding while expelling foetus or while expelling placenta cotyledon might have detached n caused bleeding n that may b the reason for the death of the animal
I agree
my question is as per the history the animal is died 3hours after parturition , in any of the milk fewer does the animal dies so suddenly ? doctors please reply
No sir, in milk fever animal does not die so suddenly, and neither there is much bleeding in milk fever. If there is much bleeding in utero ,the blood should come out ,but there is no vaginal bleeding. This indicates that there was bleeding resulting in hypo volumic shock, which was due to some f.b.,which got released after parturition. Plz. refer my previous reply .l also requested the Dr. to contact the person who opened the carcass for hide.In such situations they can give valuable clue.

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Picture clearly stated that the death is due to hypocalcemia Picture shows no sign of fb.
Due to Hypovolumic shock, larger fluid and blood loss
Yes,it may due to hypovolumic shock. See 4th pic Dr, shrunken eye balls
Over bleeding?
Thank you doctor

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you have releaved placenta 2hrs after delivery n up to that time all the parameters were normal in a normal delivery, normal time to b allowed to expel placenta is 8 to 12 hours from the time after delivery, but u have not allowed normal time to expel the placenta , o.k in my opinion the death of the animal 3 hours after the delivery may b because of too much of bleeding in the uterus or either detachment of cotyledon by accidental means while releasing placenta n also may b due to some other unknown reasons .
I didn't remove placenta. Placenta is also expelled by animal.

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Internal Haemorrhage due to rupture of internal urine blood supply due to over stress during parturition or Removal of placenta cotteyledon and uterine wall ruptured leads to internal Haemorrhage lead to Anoxia shock and death, In such cases postmortem gives right information about Death of Animal
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