58 y old post menopausal lady, hypertensive. Presented with c/o progressive shortness of breath and chest discomfort of 1 month duration,What is the cause?


Cardiac enlargement.probably related to hypertension and may be in CHF.needs echo for evaluation
Cardio thoracic ratio altered, indicating Cardiomegaly may be due to hypertension, CHF, concentric hypertrophy, Cardiomyopathy, PAH, reduce compliance, motion abnormalities, pericardial effusion. Advice : - 1 ) Echocardiography with colour Doppler 2 ) ECG with long lead II.
Duration of 1 month.... Can b hypertensive heart failure, hypertensive cardiomyopathy, cardiomegaly
Irregular margins of heart shadow suggestive of paricardial effussion
Both CHF and CAD should be ruled out . Cardiomegaly is prominent. Eco
HF and DCMP acute lvf
There is cardiomegaly, unfolding of Aorta, no PVH So possibility of CAD or Aortic aneurysm or hypertensive Heart disease First do echo to see for LV function & Aortic anatomy.
Hypertension leading to cardiomegaly & CHF .Adv echocardiography .Prescribe diuretics & bronchodilator.Also advice blood gas analysis to access CO existing resp failure.
Copd emphysema cardiomegaly lt hilar prominent aortic knuckle hrct expiratory films 2 decho looks valvular disease
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